NINAHAW Yosegi Zukami / Ichimatsu 【for Goal Zero LIGHTHOUSE micro FLASH用】

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This lantern shade is specially designed for the popular LED lantern "Goal Zero LIGHTHOUSE micro FLASH". We made a checkered cover to match the parquet lantern shade. We aim to create a space with a sense of unity and enjoyment of having a set. Yosegi-zaiku is made by combining geometric patterns.

Although the checkerboard pattern is a simple pattern, the technique of combining small parts requires practice. The warm wood color of this product gently hides the plastic material of the lantern, giving it a more natural look. It can also be used for the handle of the "fire lighting tool" UNIFLAME Stick Turbo II, a necessity for outdoor activities. Urethane coating is applied for finishing.

NOTE: Please use the included O-ring to attach this product to "Goal Zero LIGHTHOUSE micro FLASH". The photo shows the INAVANCE Zero Cap (sold separately). Please note that INAVANCE Zero Cap is not sold on this site.

NOTE: The "Goal Zero LIGHTHOUSE micro FLASH" and UNIFLAME Stick Turbo II are sold separately.

NOTE: The manufacturer's warranty may not be available after customization. Please understand beforehand.


The grain and color of the wood will vary from one to another due to the use of natural wood. As a natural characteristic, you may see lines and knots with different colors. Please understand beforehand.

Wood knot


Outer diameter 30mm, inner diameter 26mm, height 50mm, weight 8g

Wood type

Wooden basis: Walnut

Checkerboard: Dogwood, magnolia, purple heart, bubinga, movingui


Hakone-Yosegi-Zaiku Yu Kobo


Please do not expose the product to direct sunlight or immerse it in water for a long time. Sudden changes may cause cracking. Please note that oil can easily stain the product.

Made in Japan