NINAHAW Dongry Mug

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"A mug that carefully accumulates time with you."

This is a round, cozy Yosegi mug shaped like an acorn (Dongry in Japanese).

The mug is made from natural wood, is environmentally friendly, and is a one-of-a-kind Yosegi-zaiku mug, using Muku technique (a technique for processing Yosegi wood into wood products).

The natural colors of each tree are combined to create a precise and beautiful geometric pattern that will become more and more beautiful with use.

The upper part of the mug is made of Sen wood (castor aralia) from Hokkaido, which has been dried for two years.

Please enjoy the "Dongry Mug" made with the traditional Japanese craft of Yosegi-zaiku and advanced Mokko Rokuro (wooden potter's wheel) techniques.

NOTE: Please be sure to read the "Product Specifications" and "Notes" before purchasing.

(Features of the Dongry Mug)

- This product is carefully handcrafted one by one by a Yosegi craftsman with 12 years of experience.

- A block of wood is carved to a thickness of 2mm, making the mouth of the mug thinner and more smooth than ceramic or metal mugs.

- It is as light as 130 grams. You won't feel the weight even if you put a drink in it, making it easy also for small children to hold.

- The mug is made from natural materials, making it environmentally friendly.


This is an original box created by "Konomi Honda, a woodblock print artist" and "Marushige Shiki, a long-established paper container studio in Kyoto". Using the technique of woodblock printing, the patterns of natural wood and the colors of Yosegi are expressed. The box is made by hand one by one by skilled craftsman. It is also recommended as a gift.

(Product Specifications)

- The coating is made of paint that complies with the Food Sanitation Law, so it is safe also for children to use.

- The wood of the product has a low thermal conductivity, so if you put a hot drink in it, it will be hotter than expected and you may burn your mouth. Please pay great attention to it.

- Do not use it in microwave ovens, dishwashers, nor leave the product on the table for a long time. This is because the coating may peel off and become unusable. Also, do not pour boiling water immediately after boiling.

- After use, wash the product with lukewarm water and diluted detergent on a sponge. After washing, wipe well with a cloth and let it dry.

- This product uses a paint that complies with the Food Sanitation Law. It may have a slight smell, but there is no quality problem. If you are sensitive to the smell, add tea or coffee grounds and leave it for a few hours before use. Please try several times depending on the degree.


- Even if the design is the same, the grain and color of the wood will vary from one to another due to the use of natural wood. As a natural characteristic, you may see lines and knots with different colors.

- The moisture content of each piece of wood is different, so there is a possibility of warping. Please be forewarned.

(Thoughts of a Yosegi Craftsman)

This time, I worked with NINAHAW to come up with the design. I hope you will enjoy the geometric design, the curved lines unique to Muku technique, and the natural color, grain, and texture of the wood for a very long time.

Made in Japan